<em>the</em><strong>Award Winning</strong>Oriental Belly Dancer & Instructor
<small>Campionessa Italiana 2013</small>

<small>Vice Campionessa Italiana 2014 “Show Oriental”</small>

She got into ballet at the age of 7 and started to learn and study Oriental Dance 14 years ago. She graduated from Padua’s Literature and Philosophy University, then took up a course of studies in relational psychomotricity and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Later she graduated in Oriental Dance in Rome (ACSI). In these years of her dance career she is developing her own exclusive style mixing classical dance with traditional Egyptian dance.

La danza è una terapia per mente e corpo, un percorso di crescita e di autostima grazie al quale si impara ad amare se stesse.<cite>Marina</cite>

<em>I</em><strong>Corsi di danza</strong>libera e orientale<small>Per adulti e bambini</small>

An intuitive teacher inspires the dancers to reach authenticity in their dance and the next technique level.

As a teacher she transmits her knowledge and capacities, teaching how to move smoothly, how to recognize different rhythms, enjoying socialization and expressing personality and feelings through the music.

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